Father Has Unique Method Of Dealing With His Son Being A Bully

A father has discovered that his son has been bullying his peers. Taking a rather unusual tact, he decided to throw his son head first into the ring with a professional boxer at his local gym.

Bullying may be confused with conflict or with violence, but bullying requires an imbalance of power between two or more individuals of a social or physical nature.

Bullying can be defined as the use of a threat, force, coercion to abuse, intimidate or aggressively dominate others, and the man’s son was definitely dominated by his opponent.

Geared up in sparring gloves, pads and a headgear, both fighters took to the ring, and quickly the power dynamic was reversed. Even from the opening bell, the significantly larger pro slaps his own face and cracks his neck, looking intimidating while his younger opponent gazes across the ring almost in a daze already.

The pro opens up with some taunting, urging the boy to take his best shot, before moving him into the corner and uncorking a body shot that nearly floors the young man. He then stands in the centre of the ring, hands down, and lets his opponent throw a few half hearted jabs at him before touching him up along the ropes with his hands down again.

The pro boxer spends most of his time clowning the kid, while a man ringside shouts out “hit back, tough guy”. Eventually the pro connects with a few solid shots, and then puts through a thunderous left straight to the chin that drops the kid to the canvas.

After a change of opponents, the kid gets lit up by someone closer to his size and age. Peppered with speedy jabs all across the body and head, it isn’t long before the man’s son is bruised and bloody. He exits the ring looking exhausted, and probably rethinking his life choices.

Good parenting or did he go too far? Check out the footage below and judge it for yourself: