Far-right thug Tommy Robinson knocks out a migrant while filming in a ‘no-go’ zone in Rome

Far-right extremist and notorious assbag Tommy Robinson has released footage of himself punching and knocking out a migrant while filming in Rome, Italy.

The founder of the far-right English Defence League was in the Italy recording footage for one of his propaganda projects. In the clip, he claims to be in a ‘no-go zone’ and reckons that he and his crew were attacked by a group of angry African migrants.

35-year-old Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Christopher Yaxley, uploaded the video to his Facebook page. In it, a tall man can be seen advancing towards the camera saying, ‘you cannot’.

“I’ll put you to sleep, bruv. I’ll put you to sleep,” Robinson threatens before shoving the man away.

Robinson has a habit of getting into altercations

The fella, who Robinson describes as a migrant, tells him, ‘keep your life,’ which the former EDL spokesman takes as a death threat.

“I will keep my life. You think you’re gonna take my life?!” he replies before shoving the man again.

Robinson then tells him, “There is only one way this is going to go. You’re going to end up knocked down unconscious.”

The migrant – who clearly doesn’t speak much English – approaches Robinson again and appears to say “I can kill your…”

The EDL founder responds with a huge punch to his jaw and the man, who wasn’t facing him at the time, crashes to the ground.

The migrant was clearly p*ssed off about being filmed

Robinson punches the unsuspecting man

Police then arrive on the scene and Robinson leaves in a car. Nobody was arrested at the time although Italian authorities have confirmed that they are still looking into the incident.

Police arrived and put an end to the drama

In a separate clip, Robinson claims that the dude tried to touch his camera on five separate occasions and had been warned not to (although there was no actual footage of this).

A few of our readers might point to the fact that the man appeared to threaten Robinson in broken English but to them, I would say this:

Firstly, it’s not even clear what the dude was trying to say as his English was so bad, and secondly, how would you react if some guy started filming you and your friends and talking sh*t about you? I reckon the migrant’s response was pretty reasonable.

It seems to me that this far-right thug was simply spoiling for a fight and he got what he was looking for.


Sorry, the video you have requested is no longer available