Dana White’s Most Savage Social Media Rants Of 2017

It’s no secret that UFC president Dana White has an abrasive personality: that much can be seen when he conducts an interview. But goddamn, he absolutely goes off on social media! No piece of criticism is too small to incur his wrath.

His posts are often insane but just as often hilarious. So, with that in mind, we take a look back at some of his funniest (and craziest) social media moments of 2017.

Since some themes kept popping up, I’ve attempted to group them into a few different categories. First, let’s start with a few of his epic comebacks:

This dude goes hard! Some might say this kind of behaviour is unbecoming of a man in his position but I reckon fu*k it, everyone’s gotta have a hobby and this appears to be his.

OK, let’s check out his posts where he calls his detractor’s creeps and/or weirdos:

Goddamn! Everyone’s a creep! I have to say, it’s kinda funny how he goes creeping into people’s profiles and then calls them creeps. Funny as fu*k, though.

Okay, onto the posts where he just has a go at basically everyone:

Take that, everyone! Still, not all these interactions end badly: there are a couple that actually finish (sort of) amicably:

And one that definitely does not:

Whether you’re a fan of the man or hate his guts, no one can argue about the fact that, when it comes to social media, he goes hard in the paint!

Let’s hope that 2018 bring us some more savage Dana White moments…