Conor McGregor Hit With Lawsuit For Allegedly KO’ing Security Guard

Credit: Scrap Digest

Conor McGregor is being sued by a security guard who claims he was hit in the back of the head by a can of Monster Energy that the Irishman winged at Nate Diaz during their fiery UFC 202 pre-fight press conference last year.

McGregor turned up 30 minutes later to the presser, which caused Nate Diaz and his crew to walk off in protest. The Stockton native was so furious that he began hurling water bottles at his rival, who was still on stage.

McGregor responded but picking up cans of Monster Energy and biffing them at Diaz and his crew.

The man who filed the suit, William Pegg, claims that one of the cans struck him in the back of his head, near his left shoulder, and left him concussed.

The Blast reported that Pegg is claiming he incurred approximately $5,000 worth of medical bills as a result of the injuries he sustained.

Conor screaming “You’ll do fookin nootin” while Diaz is loaded up and looking for a good vantage point…

I can still hear Dana White screaming “Conor! Conor! Don’t throw that…”

He’s asking for a total of $95,000 USD from McGregor. How did he get to that figure, you ask? His reasoning is actually fu*king insane.

McGregor is said to have earned $15 million from his UFC 202 fight with Diaz, during which he received 166 significant strikes. $15 million divided by 166 equals approximately $90k (it’s actually $90,361 but this guy is clearly a generous sort so he has wiped the $361 from the claim). Add to that the $5k in medical costs and you get the magic figure of $95,000. Amazing.

To be fair, if I was there when those cans were being lobbed about, I’d probably have done my damnedest to headbutt one of the fuckers so that I could file a claim too!

Thank god there were no ninja stars to hand…

The face of a man who’s fu*ked up

Being sued for $95k would probably wipe most of us mere mortals out but McGregor can definitely afford it, especially considering the fact that he earned close to $100 million for his boxing bout with Floyd Mayweather.

How much money would it take for you to willingly let McGregor wing a can of Monster at ya mellon? Let us know in the comments!