Conor McGregor Completely Wasted In A Club, Nearly Starts A Brawl

After the biggest fight of his career, Conor McGregor can be forgiven for taking some time off to party it up (especially after netting an estimated $100 million USD) but it appears that he has been taking things a bit far, of late…

In this short clip, which is in the process of going viral, McGregor looks to be absolutely wasted and on the brink of hitting a random fan.

At this stage, it’s unclear what caused the Irishman to become so irate, likewise, it’s not known if the dude he can be seen threatening was the guy filming him or someone else.

I’m sure being completely sozzled and having your name shouted at you constantly would become grating in the extreme but surely that’s part of the deal when your moniker is The Notorious.

Fair play to the fella, though: he does raise his fist but quickly realises that it’s not the best course of action. Also, he left doesn’t look quite as devastating as when he’s battering an opponent with it inside the Octagon.

In fact, the Irishman holds his fist above his head like a toddler – he’s clearly three sheets to the wind!

Considering the fact that McGregor is yet to defend his lightweight crown, there is a growing clamour from fight fans for him to get back inside the Octagon and take on one of the division’s top contenders.

Tony Ferguson and Kevin Lee are due to fight for the interim lightweight belt at UFC 216

A lot of fans are keen to see these guys go at it again in their much anticipated trilogy fight

McGregor recently released a statement saying that he plans to do just that…

“Look, I’ve got the UFC title to defend and that means something to me. I will defend that world title. Nathan [Nate Diaz] is there. He’s trying to come in here and make all of these demands. If he starts pricing himself out of an event, I probably will defend against the person who wins this interim belt…or someone along that line to legitimise it again.”

“I’ve already gone from the highest of the high in terms of a money fight. Now the question I always get is about defending the belt and legitimising the sport and the rankings. Maybe now it would be a good time for me to go and do that and shut that side up.”

Let’s hope he doesn’t party this hard in the run-up to his next appearance inside the Octagon!

Maybe he just got carried away on his new line of whiskey


Conor got so angry last night 😈

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