Mystery solved of man found dead with ham on his bum and testicles in tuna can

The death of Steven Allford, a homeless man living in the Spanish city of Malaga, caused global intrigue when he was found tied to a bench outside of the Malaga Airport.

Allford was found with his pants around his ankles, had two pieces of ham draped across his buttocks and his testicles had been angled into a can of tuna.

Photo: Smiths

An autopsy on Allford identified the presence of a large amount of alcohol in his system and that he had asphyxiated on his own vomit. There was no way he could have moved to stop this from happening as he had been tied to the bench.

It has now come to light that an Irishman, James O’Byrne, and two Finnish men, Jussi Petteri Munck and Mika Tapio Soininem were responsible for the crime, being sentenced to a spell of 2 years and 6 months imprisonment, receiving an additional charge for “degrading treatment of a victim”.

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The three men were also homeless living in Malaga and are believed to have argued with Allford regarding food. Allford had only been staying in Malaga for a few days when he was allegedly targeted by the group for not sharing his food and drink with them.

A key part of the investigation revolved around Allford having been filmed being humiliated whilst still alive, with the video later ending up on Facebook according to a source who spoke with the Mirror:

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“Steven was tied up and in the same position he was found in hours later in the footage, lying face-down on the bench, but he could be seen moving his head slightly.

“The video was posted briefly on Facebook and shared by a Finnish user who later took it down, but only after police in Finland had got hold of it and downloaded it so they could pass it on to counterparts in Spain.

Photo: Solarpix

“It was bombshell stuff and key to the investigation and prosecution.”

Judge Santiago Calvo Cervera said of the crime: “They didn’t just tie him to the bench, something which Mr Munck checked had been done, but they filmed Mr Allford and were also laughing about his temporary helplessness.

“They ended up putting a lit cigarette in his mouth after having put it in his buttocks and introduced his naked testicles into an empty tuna can.

Photo: Solarpix

“They acted as if they were narrating a news report and posted the video on to the Facebook of Soininem, the person who filmed what was happening.

“When they had had a good laugh, they left Mr Allford to his fate,” he said.

“Because of his drunkenness, and because of the fact it was almost impossible for him to move because of the plastic ties, he would end up dying after choking on his own vomit, something the accused could have easily avoided with a call to make sure Mr Allford received medical attention.”