Referee Marc Goddard Releases Statement After Being Attacked By Conor McGregor

3Arena in Dublin descended into chaos at Bellator 187 when none other than Conor McGregor invaded the cage following Charlie Ward’s stoppage victory over John Redmond.

As soon as the fight was stopped, the below footage shows an elated McGregor scale the side of the cage before vaulting over to celebrate with his teammate and training partner.

McGregor is seen to violently embrace his fellow countryman before being separated by security staff.

Credit: MMA Fighting

Amazing #BellatorMMA debut by SBG Ireland’s… @relentlesscharlieward! #Bellator187 #ConorMcGregor

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Referee Marc Goddard makes his way to McGregor and shoves him authoritatively. This sparks a strong response from ‘The Notorious’ who is seen to return the shove and point his finger in Goddard’s face. He becomes tangled with security staff before being escorted from the cage.

Amazing #BellatorMMA debut by SBG Ireland’s… @relentlesscharlieward! #Bellator187 #ConorMcGregor

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After being escorted from the cage, McGregor is seen to make his way to the opposite side and attempt to jump the fence again! Is efforts are thwarted by security personnel who cops a slap from McGregor in return.

The incident has sparked a mixed response from the MMA community with many saying that McGregor is acting like he is a law unto himself and calling on the UFC to sanction their poster boy. Whilst he can expect some action to come his way, Conor really doesn’t seem to care about negative press or punishment. Many believe that the UFC is too scared to impose harsh penalties on McGregor as he generates so much revenue for the franchise.

Referee, Marc Goddard, defended his actions in attempting to banish McGregor from the cage issuing the below Tweet.

The Athletic Commission that oversaw the event were not shy in condemning McGregor’s disruptive actions:

While the Mohegan Tribe Department of Athletic Regulation (MTDAR) was regulating Bellator 187 in Dublin, Ireland, on November 10, 2017, the following events took place during the Ward vs Redmond bout.

Mr. Conor McGregor who was a spectator at the time disrupted the event by scaling the cage prior to the conclusion of the bout. Mr. McGregor’s conduct jeopardized the health and safety of the bout participants by delaying necessary medical attention to the fighters that were injured during the round.