Batman And Superman Team Up To Kick The Sh*t Out Of Bag Stealing Homeless Dude

Batman and Superman are two of the most well-known vigilantes in the world – they have been kicking ass and taking names for nearly 100 years now and most kids have dressed up as one (or both) of them at some points in their lives.

But now, after the success of the movie Kickass, in which a teen vigilante decides to don a costume and fight crime like his comic book superheroes, people in the real world are giving it a go too.

Take the lads in this clip, for example; they spied a homeless man stealing someone’s bag so decided to deliver some swift, savage justice.

At the start of the video, Superman can be seen delivering vicious looking elbows to the dude’s head. Someone needs to get Big John McCarthy involved though as a few of them seemed to connect with the back of his head!

When the guy insists on getting the bag back, Superman drops him with a back fist and a solid-looking right cross.

As I’ve always suspected, Batman is way more of a pussy than Superman; while the Man of Steel delivers some nasty shots to the villain, the Caped Crusader seems reluctant to even get close to him.

I can’t fully blame him, though; as the person filming makes clear, the homeless guy is producing a less than pleasant aroma.

To be honest with you guys, I’m not even sure how I feel about this form of ‘justice’ – on the one hand, stealing is wrong and there needs to be consequences for one’s actions but on the other, the dude’s homeless, he has nothing, and it looks like he’s only stolen a shopping bag.

It seems a little harsh to kick the living sh*t out of him for that! What do you guys reckon?

Was this a bit over the top or did he get what he deserved? Let me know in the comments!