Woman Sucker Punches Dude, He Responds With The Bitchslap To End All Bitchslaps

The subject of whether or not it’s ever okay for a guy to hit a female is a contentious one, to say the least (for proof, just check our comments section any time we post a story that involves people of the opposite sex fighting).

On the one hand, we get people saying that no man should never, under any circumstance, raise their fists to a woman. While on the other hand, we get people saying that in this new day and age there are times when it is necessary.

I’m not sure where I stand on this issue and don’t really fancy wading into such a sh*tstorm of a debate but I will say this; if a girl hasn’t hit a guy first and no one they care about is in danger from said girl, the guy should probably leave her the fu*k alone.

Then again, if said girl decides that it’s okay to sucker punch the guy for no good reason, she better be prepared for the shot to be returned, probably with interest.

That’s exactly what happens, twice, in this short clip from some sort of protest/rally.

Firstly, a dude tries to walk past a woman who he appears to have had an altercation with but she’s having none of that and hits him with a cheeky fu*king sucker punch before sauntering off.

The dude reacts by handing out one of the hardest bitchslaps I’ve seen in a long time. She goes down and her mate decides to take up the fight on her behalf, charging at the dude and punching him in the face. He responds with a punch of his own and then slaps the face off her too.

Seriously, I bet that slap hurt more than the goddamn punch!

Some people are likely to say that his reaction was over the top and while I agree that his shots were a lot harder than theirs, anyone who has ever been physically assaulted by a stranger knows that adrenaline takes over and you aren’t thinking about how hard you ‘should’ be hitting someone, you just take that person out so they are no longer assaulting you.

What do you guys reckon? Was his reaction overkill or was it proportionate? Let us know in the comments!