Astonishing Photos Capture Jaguar And Giant Caiman’s Fight To The Death

The king of the jungle certainly has a pretty feral cousin, that seems to be on a mission to prove it can hang with the deadliest predators not only on land but in the water too. Absolutely brutal new footage has emerged of a jaguar taking on a yacare caiman on the banks of the Three Brothers River in the Mato Grosso area of Brazil earlier this week.

Yacare caimans are a ridiculously fearsome looking species of caiman found all over central South America, with adult males hitting a maximum size of 3 to 4 metres, while the females of the species generally stay under 2 metres long. They don’t tend to go after humans, but they have been known to occasionally take home a capybara or two for dinner.

Photo: DailyMail

The images captured show the jaguar getting a literally killer grip on the caiman, biting hard down into the caiman’s throat as it thrashed around to try and escape its eventual fate. The jaguar eventually managed to bite straight into the skill of the caiman, and then dragged its prize back into the bush.

Photo: DailyMail

Caimans make up a big part of most jaguar diets, but it’s only been recently that videos of their predation have been snapped up.

Photo: DailyMail

“Yesterday I photographed an incredible caiman predation by a young jaguar high up on the Rio Tres Irmaos.

Photo: DailyMail

“We were on the main Rio Cuiaba when we got an early radio call reporting a jaguar had been seen near to the Corixo de Camindo and duly headed up there at top speed, arriving just after nine o’clock,” said photographer Chris Brunskill regarding the footage.

Photo: DailyMail

“Over the next hour, we followed the cat and watched at close range as she charged unsuccessfully on a small group of capybara.

“Moments later she was walking through an open stretch of water when she pounced on the biggest jacare caiman I have ever seen during all my time on the river in Pantanal,” he continued.

“After a long struggle, she immobilised the giant reptile with the trademark jaguar bite to the back of the skull, and then dragged the huge carcass for over twenty minutes across an open beach into thick cover.

“During the struggle, I shot an incredible variety of pictures, almost 50GB in total, of a predation sequence I have been obsessed with since I first visited this magical place over five years ago.”

Check out the footage of the fight between the caiman and jaguar below and let us know what you think!