Boxer Adrien Broner Viciously Knocks Out Stranger On Las Vegas Strip

It looks like former four-division boxing champ Adrien Broner is heading back to jail again after his latest outburst. This dude simply cannot stay out of trouble!

During a recent video that has been released by TMZ Sports, Broner, who appears to be drunk, can be seen arguing with a woman on the Las Vegas strip.

It’s unclear why, but Broner suddenly begins shoving the woman before punching and knocking out a bystander. The quality of the video is pretty poor but the impact of the punch can easily be heard and the man is left heavily concussed on the ground.

Credit: PBC

It was reported that security let Broner go after speaking with him but the fact that this video has now surfaced may spell big trouble for the troubled boxer.

The incident is just the latest in a long line of fu*kups for Broner outside of the ring despite attempts from “big bro” Floyd Mayweather to keep him on the straight and narrow.

‘Count how many times you’ve been arrested on your fingers’

In October of last year, he was charged with misdemeanour battery for allegedly choking a waitress at Drai’s, a nightclub in Las Vegas, and earlier this year he was arrested again after failing to appear in court for a previous arrest in 2014.

Broner obviously knows that he screwed up (again): yesterday, he posted a quote on his Instagram page that read “Life is too short 4 all these FU*K UPS” and commented, “Change 100”.

Combat sports attracts all kinds of personalities, from the straight-laced and disciplined to the wild and reckless.

Some athletes have no problem separating the fact that they are essentially paid to beat dudes up for a living from the rest of their lives while for others, it can be hard to flick the switch between the two opposing worlds.

It appears as though Broner may just be another wildly talented athlete will let that talent go to waste