Trash Talking Conor McGregor Clone Ruins Classmate With Taunts And Fists

Conor McGregor is known for being not only one of the best fighters to ever grace the Octagon but also the best trash talker to ever pick up a microphone and verbally whale on an opponent.

And it works: people either love it and get behind him or hate it and tune in to watch him fail. But either way, they tune in and time and time again, he succeeds.

McGregor is by no means the first person in combat sports to talk sh*t to an opponent but he’s taken it to the next level. And now, scores of fighters and attempting to emulate his bullish style in the hopes of attracting more attention and earning bigger pay cheques.

And it’s not just professional fighters who are getting in on the act: check out this video of a youngin chirping away at his adversary in between giving and taking shot in a school bathroom brawl.

Considering the fact that he’s white and his adversary is black, I’m not sure he should be dropping n-bombs but he undoubtedly gets inside the dudes head before finishing him with a killer blow. The dude even does a does a bit of a chicken dance after getting back to his feet!

Damn, imagine getting dropped but this little sh*t talker with a mini man bun! That’s gotta dent the pride a little bit!

Before watching the clip though, take a walk down memory lane and check out some of McGregor’s more memorable taunts…

Jose Aldo:

“I own this town, I own Rio de Janeiro, so for him to say that he is the king and I am the Joker, if this was a different time, I would invade his favela on horseback and would kill anyone who wasn’t fit to work, but we’re in a new time, so I’ll whoop his arse instead.”

“He has been medically cleared to fight. Doctors have looked at him, examined him. He went out and saw a gynaecologist and it turns out, it was just a little period pain.”

“Look into my eyes, little Brazilian. Você vai morrer [you’re going to die].”

VS Jose

Rafael dos Anjos (after he pulled out of their fight due to a broken foot):

“Dos Anjos broke his foot and vagina in the same damn day. I couldn’t believe the odds of that happening.”

Nate Diaz:

“I like Nick’s little bro. How could you not like him? He’s like a little gangster from the hood but at the same time, he coaches kids’ Jiu-Jitsu on a Sunday morning and goes on bike rides with the elderly. He makes gun signs with the right hand and animal balloons with the left hand. You’re a credit to the community.”

“I work like a motherfu*ker. I don’t get out of shape. He gets out of shape. When he fought against Dos Anjos he looked like the skinniest fat guy I’ve ever seen.”

VS Nate

Eddie Alvarez:

“I’m going to toy with this man. I’m going to really, truly rearrange his facial structure. His wife and kids will never recognise him again.”

“I’ve been whopping his style, I’ve been whopping that style a long, long time. He’s a stocky, stuffed wrestler with an overhand. That’s it. I’ve been beating these guys up.”

“Like I said, he is chinny. He gets cracked, he gets dropped. It has happened throughout his career. He is a weathered fighter. He is on his way out.”

“Sooner or later, he’s going to fall. One of those elbows, one of those shots are going to dig into that soft, sweet spot, into the temple. And that’s all she wrote! Two-weight world champion! UFC history! New York! The Irish are back!”

VS Eddie


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