Three Guys Regret Crowding Another Dude In The Close Confines Of An Elevator

The fight-at-close-quarters scene is a must-have for any action movie worth its salt but in real life, such altercations usually spell for a disappointing spectacle – humans just aren’t that good at judging distances in confined spaces while trying to kick the sh*t out of each other.

That’s not the case in this video, however. Despite the cramped battle arena, we definitely get our money’s worth here…

Due to the fact that it’s a recording of a CCTV recording from inside an elevator, there’s no audio from the original clip so we have no idea what these jokers are arguing about but sh*t is already heated by the time this video starts.

It’s a three-on-one scenario but the guy on his lonesome pulls a sneaky trick in order to even the odds: as soon as the doors open, he exits the elevator but then turns around and launches an attack on the three men who were following him out.

This is bloody smart – by being outside the elevator, he has more room to free his arms and launch haymakers at his opponents, who are basically cornered.

Still, with a three-on-one advantage, you’d think that these guys would be able to overwhelm the man and beat the p*ss out of him.

The problem is, this fella throws his hands with admirable violence. Seriously, he swings with such ferocity that it looks like the video is sped up! The poor fools never stood a chance. Still, one guy manages to get his ass out of the elevator which seems to cause the scrap to come to an end.

A shout out to the random couple that stumbled upon this chaotic scene and tried to break up the fight, all the while making sure that the elevator door didn’t close!

Considering the space that he had to work with, the guy in this video showed off some good close quarters fighting skills…

The close-quarters fight is a staple of action films…

Military around the world undertake combat training in confined spaces

‘I’ve cut my fu*king wrist on the hand dryer!’


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