Cocky Fighter Disrespects Opponent, Opponent Responds In The Best Way Possible

We all love the classic assh*le-gets-what-they-deserve videos so with that in mind, we thought it’d be cool to revisit an absolute beauty while we all patiently wait for the big MMA events of 2018 to get underway.

This video is from just over two years ago, at the end of 2015, and features Vaso Bakocevic from Montenegro and Anzor Azhiev from Poland.

Prior to their fight, Bakocevic went out of his way to disrespect Azhiev, in both a recorded message and during the weigh-ins.

In his video message to Azhiev, Bakocevic attacked him for not being able to speak English and then proceeded to show a video of his entire team flipping the Polish fighter off.

Bakocevic’s mobile phone message

Then during the weigh-ins, Bakocevic continued to disrespect Azhiev and even threatened to kill him.

This might not have been the best course of action: trying to get into an opponent’s head before a fight is understandable but Bakocevic took things too far. Plus, that sh*t eating grin of his was bound to make people cheer for his opponent.

One of the most punchable faces in MMA

In case Azhiev somehow didn’t get the message

His choice of location wasn’t the best, either: their fight took place in Krakow, the second largest city in Poland.

Perhaps he was trying to do what Max Holloway did: go to the king’s village and take over. But he clearly didn’t think about the consequences of dissing Azhiev so hard in his own backyard.

It just seemed to serve as further motivation for the Pole who put on one of the most one-sided beatdowns you’re ever likely to see.

Over the course of three brutal rounds, Azhiev took his hapless opponent apart, eventually submitting him with an arm-triangle choke in the third.

One of a million seperate takedowns

As Bakocevic lay on the canvas, broken and beaten, Azhiev couldn’t help but return some disrespect and proceeded to slap him on the belly.


This is so damn satisfying to watch…