Girl Faceplants & Sh*ts Herself After Boyfriend Gets Knocked Out In One Punch

This video has is all; drunken dudes arguing, a one-punch knockout, and a chick faceplanting and sh*tting herself in an absolutely disgraceful display. What a time to be alive!

The clip starts with two drunken friends arguing. They have just been on a bicycle taxi ride so it was probably about the fare. Have you guys ever caught one of those things? Dear lord, it’s probably cheaper to rent a limo!

The poor taxi-cyclist fella looks completely out of his depths as the guy’s argument spirals out of control. Eventually, the inevitable happens and the roider in the purple t-shirt knocks out his mate. Seriously, with friends like these who needs enemies?

It’s an absolute cheap shot and the guy whacks his head on the concrete ground, meaning he is knocked out cold. His girlfriend comes to his rescue (a little too late) but only manages to faceplant into the same concrete ground.

The next shot shows the ko’d dude trying to grab the legs of his roid raging companion but he clearly doesn’t know where what the fu*k is going on.

The girls get involved again and try to break the pair up but they aren’t having much success until a security guard enters the fray. The guys seem to come to their (limited) senses as a siren sounds in the background. The shake hands, do a man-hug and look to get the fu*k out of there.

But as they are wandering off one’s eyes are drawn to the horrifying image of the little accident that has fallen out of her ass of the chick in the jean shorts! Oh god, as if this video wasn’t already tragic enough…

We’re just happy that the Cohen brothers happened to be walking by at the time so we ended up with this extremely high-definition clip!