Move Over LFL – This Is The Lingerie Fighting Championship

Anybody not living under a rock has heard of the Lingerie Football League but did you guys know there was also a Lingerie Fighting Championships?

Even though it is still relatively unknown to many fans of sports and boobs alike, the fledging promotion did gain some mainstream media attention when they held their 20th fight card called A Midsummer Night’s Dream in 2015. The event was broadcast live on PPV on cable across North America.

Combatants take to the arena in a state of undress and battle each other in a UFC-style cage, and the crowd cheer them on as they try to beat each other into submission.

Publications ranging from The Zoo (Australia) to The Telegraph (U.K.) to Sports Illustrated covered the event which took place in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel and consisted of 8 bouts featuring scantily clad 16 women duking it out in nothing but lingerie.

This year’s event, the 21st installment of the controversial promotion, was held on June 18 in Nice, California, and was hugely popular, with fighters giving it their all in an attempt to brawl their way through the insane tournament.

The promotion has been slammed for being sexist in the past with Nicola Miller of the Women in Sport charity asking “What does it say about a sport if the women must be sexualised in order to complete?”

But event organisers and fighters alike all deny any claims of sexism, stating that the women who compete are happy to be a part of the bizarre of the spectacle.

The CEO of LFC, Shaun Donnelly, also commented on an article criticising his organisation last year, pointing out that the article itself wasn’t above running pics of some of the women in action.

He said: “While I don’t believe there’s anything sexist about LFC I always find it funny that these stories are always accompanied by as many of our photos as can fit.

“‘Oh, showing women in lingerie is sexist! Here’s a photo. Isn’t it awful? Here’s another.’”

The tournament’s website claims that roughly 5 million people watched the 20th edition of the championships, whilst this year’s event claimed to feature “some of the most exciting match-ups in modern lingerie MMA history.”

Oh, and some of the fighters are featuring in this month’s Playboy if you want to, ahem, learn a little more about them and the sport they compete in.

Take a look at the “highlights” from A Midsummer Night’s Dream on the player below:

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