Bullied Kid Turns Out To Be A Potential MMA Prodigy

Bullying is a massive issue in school for kids growing up all over the world…

UFC strawweight and former Dancing with the Stars contestant Paige VanZant says she and her family had to move because she was bullied so much in high school.

Well THIS particular schoolyard bully got more than he bargained for – when he picked on a kid who turned out looking more like an MMA prodigy than a helpless victim.

Talking with friends during a break, the teenage lad is approached aggressively by what appears to be an older boy.


Dressed in black, the bully shoves the boy who genunily appears to not want to get physical.

But when he is pushed again, he drops his bag to the floor motions that he has had enough and is ready to rumble.


The unknown kid shows tremendous footwork and handspeed to land several crisp shots on his bully before unleashing a devastating head kick before taking full mount.

He then unleashes a some beautiful ground and pound before pulling off the unthinkable, putting him into an arm bar to end the altercation.

The attacker begs a friend to get the lad off him because is going “to break my arm”.


The victim’s friends rush to congratulate him after seeing off the bully, who for a moment thinks about going in for a second round, but wisely chooses agains it.

A video of the incident – which was taken in the United States – was posted on Facebook and has been viewed more than seven million times in less than 24 hours.


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