Two Chicks Decide To Settle Their Differences The Old Fashioned Way At Cosplay Event

Dressing up and “cosplaying” is one of those pastimes that is meant to be happy and carefree, where you can throw on an outfit for a night and pretend to be whoever you want for a laugh.

People go to conventions, make new friends and even build careers out of the cosplay phenomenon, which is encouraging more and more people to dress up for occasions outside of Halloween and the odd Stag or Hen’s night.

In the video you’re about to see below, two girls, one in black lingerie and one in a schoolgirl outfit start off having a bit of a punch-up in the middle of a circle of people, throwing big punches and then wrestling on the ground. The fight includes some classic hair pulling for good measure, as well as Psy’s “Gangnam Style” song blasting in the background.

One girl comes up and dives into the fray and it looks like she’s trying to stab someone with the heel of her shoe before trying to punch someone in the background.

As these drunken brawl things normally go, the video sees two girls spinning in circles on the ground, pulling each other’s hair as they try to punch and injure each other, with no one in the ground intervening until after a few good knocks have been traded.

At one point it actually looks like the girl in black lingerie might have been able to secure top position, but the fight was broken up before it could progress any further.

Security and staff of the establishment soon come to break up the scuffle that somehow has escalated to involve a fairly out of shape, shirtless Batman wearing nothing but a pair of speedos as well as a few other superheroes, a witch doctor and some people dressed as animals. They look like some sort of budget version of the Avengers.

Check out the video on the player below and let us know what you think:

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