WATCH: After being kicked on his bike, Motorcyclist jumps off and knocks both dudes stiff

Kicking out at someone and their vehicle is never the best idea, even if they are in the wrong.

One guy and his mate found that out the hard way when crossing the street that you should never, ever mess with another man’s vehicle, especially in Miami where things seem to be a little more… loose.

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As John Travolta eloquently put it in Pulp Fiction: “Vincent: What’s more chicken sh*t than f***ing with a man’s automobile? I mean, don’t f*** with another man’s vehicle… It’s just against the rules.”

These things normally kick off for a couple of reasons and let’s be real, alcohol is normally a factor. It certainly looks to be in this case.

Now, riding your motorcycle across a pedestrian crossing is definitely a d*ck move. It endangers the well being of other people, messes up traffic and you look like a complete d*ckhead as well.

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The motorcyclist in this particular clip pulls through the pedestrian crossing, revving his bike loud and proud. As he moves through the intersection, a drunken man accompanied by his girlfriend kicks out at the motorcyclist’s front wheel. The motorcyclist revs his bike as he pulls over, and the drunkard throws two kicks as the motorcyclist dismounts.

“I want to see, I want to see,” says the camerawoman, as the motorcyclist throws a heavy left hook at his foe, downing him with a single punch. Not only does the man collapse like he just got shot, he bangs his head as he lands, leading to cries of concern from the crowd of onlookers.

The motorcyclist swings once more and hits a man who has suddenly wandered onto the scene. It’s unclear whether he was there to break up the fight, or to get involved, but he gets laid out just like the first guy.

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The motorcyclist jumps back on his bike and rides away like a bat out of hell while one onlooker waves excitedly.

Photo: Facebook

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