WATCH: That Time When Wrestling Star ‘Big Show’ Broke A Guy’s Jaw During A Bar Fight

What kind of moron would willingly try to fight a 7 foot tall, 420 pound professional wrestler that used to go by the stage name ‘The Giant‘? The answer, ladies and gentlemen, is some twat named Robert Sawyer.

This story is a flashback to 1998; a simpler time before the internet had taken off, when the UFC was just getting started, and professional wrestling was still a big deal (actually, maybe I just think that because I was relatively young back then).

Paul Wight (better known to pro wrestling fans as the WWE megastar “Big Show”) was involved in a bone-breaking bar room altercation that summer and as luck would have it, the incident was caught on CCTV.

At the time, Wight was working for the WCW promotion and was simply known as ‘The Giant’; the South Carolina native suffers from a rare condition called ‘Acromegaly’ that causes the body to produce too much growth hormone.

You’d think that no one in their right mind would intentionally start a fight with this guy in real life, but you’d be wrong; that’s exactly what ole Sawyer did.

After competing in a wrestling show earlier that night, Wight headed across to a bar in the nearby Marriott Hotel, where he was staying. Roughly 100 fans were also drinking in the bar, including the 30-year-old, 6ft 6”, 220lb Sawyer. Fancying his chances, Sawyer tapped Wight on the shoulder and began antagonising him.

According to eye witness reports, Sawyer was trying to provoke Wight in order to start a fight, telling him “you’re not that big” and to “go to another federation.”

When Sawyer followed that up with an obscene gesture to Wight, the wrestler confronted him and, in his own words, “I asked him, very politely, to stop doing all the cursing and stuff. Stop doing what he was doing.”

Sawyer reacted by shoving the Big Show in the chest so Wight retaliated by unfurling a massive right hook that knocked Sawyer out and left him with a broken jaw.

Despite being the cause of his own ass-kicking, Sawyer lodged a complaint and Wight was forced to defend himself against an assault charge. The court ended up siding with the wrestler, judging that Wight had acted in self-defence, and returned a not guilty verdict.

A month before the court case, Wight signed with the WWE and to this day, he has remains one of the company’s biggest stars. Oh, and 20 years on, Sawyer is still probably an assh*le.


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