WATCH: The Komodo Dragon Video that Blew Joe Rogan’s Mind

If you’re a fan of mixed martial arts, no doubt you’ve given UFC colour commentator Joe Rogan’s podcast a listen or two.

The Joe Rogan Experience is one of the highest rating podcasts in the world, where Rogan frequently interviews mixed martial artists, athletes, scientists and a host of other guests who pique his interest.

Photo: Petersens

Rogan might spend a lot of his time watching mixed martial arts, where he gets to see the synthesis of hard training and instinct in real time, so it seems like watching wild animals do their thing is probably the next logical step in the man’s appreciation of natural technique. The next step obviously would be to create a bridge between man and nature’s techniques and get the UFC’s renowned lightweight wrestler Khabib Nurmagomedov to fight a bear… again.

Rogan’s love for all things wild has seen him take up hunting in the past with the help of renowned game hunters Steven Rinella and Cameron Hanes, both of whom have appeared on his podcast in recent times.

The avid outdoorsman wrote about the video in a post on Instagram, saying that the video is the equivalent of a human eating a cat in one huge bite.

“We’ve figured out a way to be mostly removed from the brutal (but equally beautiful) reality of the natural world. I love the fact that you and I live in a world where you can drive a car and wave out the window to your neighbours,” said Rogan.

“I love that we can chill on the couch and watch Netflix if we want to, and if we don’t feel like cooking we can easily find someplace that cooks food for us. But I also love being able to see things like this f*cking dinosaur choking down a whole, live monkey in some bizarre, uber-wild part of the world.

I love that we can watch this on Instagram and that these insanely fascinating mortal conflicts can be observed while you’re waiting for the copier to load in some strange glass and metal office building on the other side of the earth.

When it comes to a freaky reality check of how easy we have it as human beings today, for me, nothing quite beats a dragon eating a monkey face first.

For a relative size comparison, that would be like you choking down a small cat in one gulp.


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