WATCH: German MMA Fighter Punches Ref for Extremely Late Stoppage

Wilhelm Ott is a fighter with one extreme way of communicating his frustration to the referee. One of the most well known unspoken rules in mixed martial arts, indeed, in all of combat sports, is that you do not touch the referee. For any reason. A point deduction might not go your way, a decision to stand two fighters up from the ground could come early, or a referee could step in too early or too late.

Whatever the reason, you do not lay your hands the referee who has been put in the cage to officiate your fight.

During the main event of German promotion Aggrelin’s 19th card, that unspoken rule was not only broken, it was absolutely shattered. German mixed martial artist Nihad Nasufovic managed to catch his opponent in a very tight rear naked choke after he’d been landing strikes from the back with a locked body triangle. Ott, the man who was unfortunate enough to have Nasufovic raining punches down from behind him, was eventually caught when Nasufovic apart his arms, shot a short punch through and wrapped his arms around Ott’s neck, securing a very tight choke.

Ott began to kick and flail, unable to escape due to the wickedly tight body triangle wrapped around his abdomen while his opponent sunk his choke deeper and deeper into his carotid arteries. His eyes bulged, his jaw hung agape and he swung his arms wildly and began to furiously tap out. Recognising that his opponent was about to go to sleep, Nasufovic let go of the choke, stood up and bowed, as Ott regained his feet and pushed the referee into the octagon fence.

Yelling loudly at the referee, Ott was like a bull unleashed from its pen, and all he saw was red. He wound up a heavy right hand and threw it straight at the cowering referee, hitting him across the left side of his face. Stepping back, yelling and throwing his mouthguard at the referee, Ott was furious. Instead of stopping the fight, the referee had simply stood by and watched as Ott had begun to lose consciousness.

Regardless of the outcome, laying your hands on a referee is always a bad move. We’re yet to find out what could become of Wilhelm Ott, but we don’t think we’ll be seeing him back in the cage at Aggrelin anytime soon!

Watch the full video from Aggrelin 19 below and let us know what you think of the stoppage!