Watch: Conor McGregor Attacked By UFC’s Cody Garbrandt During TUF 22

With Cody “No Love” Gabrandt due to fight Dominick Cruz for the bantamweight belt at UFC 207 on December 30, let’s take a look back at the time that he attacked Conor McGregor on the set of The Ultimate Fighter 22.

Team coaches McGregor and Uriah Faber had been trading insults throughout the series but things boiled over when Garbrandt got involved.

In the run-up to this short clip, McGregor had told the Ohio native that his (then) girlfriend, Paige VanZant was more marketable than him. Though the Irishman had a point, Garbrandt was obviously infuriated by the comment.

That can be seen by the way he snapped when the Irishman was insulting Faber and TJ Dillashaw, who were his Team Alpha Male teammates (although Dillashaw had recently left TAM, which is one of the things McGregor was ripping on Faber about).

The Notorious is not known for backing down and told Garbrandt to “Do something then.” Cue Garbrandt’s shove. As far as attacks go, it wasn’t very effective and McGregor can be seen laughing it off which probably just infuriated the hot-headed Garbrandt even further.

Interestingly, both McGregor and Garbrandt’s careers share some remarkable similarities, as one Reddit user pointed out:

1) Both made their UFC debuts against Marcus Brimage.
2) Both fought/are fighting for the UFC title in their 6th UFC fight.
3) Both went into that title fight with 4 KOs and 1 DEC (in the UFC).
4) Both go into their title fights with about 30 minutes of fight time (in UFC) with Conor just under and Cody just over.
5) Both fought/are fighting the best ever in that division. Cody with Cruz and Conor was originally scheduled with Aldo but ended up in the IC fight with Mendes.
6) Both like custom suits and have tattoos.

There’s no doubt that Garbrandt is one hell of an exciting fighter but he will need to control his aggression when he takes on Cruz, a man known for his intelligence inside the Octagon.