WATCH: Alexander Emelianenko makes an emphatic return to the cage

Some fights end with one participant laying stiff as a board knocked out in a brutal fashion that is sure to become a highlight for the victor.

Alexander Emelianenko, the embattled brother of one of the greatest heavyweight mixed martial artists of all time, Fedor Emelianenko, has once again stamped a victory against his name with an emphatic knockout over Szymon Bajor at the “Battle of the Volga 3” in the Russian city of Togliatti that is sure to be on his highlight reel.

Photo: KSW

Emelianenko returned to mixed martial arts competition in 2017 after being convicted of sexual assault, for which he was jailed in 2015.

The twenty-nine-year-old Polish fighter was significantly outsized by Emelianenko, who from the beginning of the bout had looked to apply pressure to Bajor, walking his opponent back toward the cage and pumping his jab. Bajor looked tentative and uncomfortable as the fight began, trying to push Emelianenko away as he continued to follow him toward the cage fence.

Photo: RMU

Bajor would eventually let fly with some big overhand rights, trying to knock Emelianenko’s block off, but to no avail. Emelianenko would let fly with a left hook followed by a flurry, sending Bajor scurrying away before once again cornering the Pole and letting loose with a number of heavy strikes that just missed.

Photo: YouTube

The action would be paused for a moment as Emelianenko lost his mouthguard in a clash of heads, and the two men would go straight back to trading, this time with Emelianenko throwing heavy rights over Bajor’s jab.

The two would tie up in a dirty clinch before Bajor suddenly looked to be wobbling, having eaten a number of heavy uppercuts from the Russian. Having spent much of the fight hunting for the chin of Bajor, Emelianenko let loose with a wicked jab cross combination before finishing off his opponent with some vicious ground and pound strikes.

Photo: YouTube

It took several seconds for Bajor to come back from the depths of unconsciousness, having been laid out so badly by Emelianenko that his body had almost looked as if it were seizing.

Check out the full video of the fight between Alexander Emelianenko and Szymon Bajor below and let us know what you think!

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