WATCH: The Boxing KO So Quick The TV Cameras Missed It

Over the years, the sport of boxing has produced some pretty fast knockouts but this one takes the absolute biscuit. In fact, this KO is so quick, even the goddamn TV camera missed it!

This clip is from a bout between Jimmy Thunder and Crawford Grimsley that took place in 1997. Thunder, who’s original name was James Peau, grew up on the tough streets of Auckland, New Zealand and was known as a heavy hitter.

His opponent, Grimsby, had amassed a professional record of 20-1 before this fight. Coming off a loss against one of the greatest boxers of all time, a certain George Foreman, Grimsby was expected to destroy Thunder (who had a record of 31-7 at the time) and get his career back on track.

But one of the great things about boxing is the fact that all it takes is one punch to send expectations flying out the window. And that’s all it took in this fight. Literally.

Precisely 1.5 seconds into the bout, Thunder clocked Grimsby with a huge right hook that sent him crashing to the canvas, where he stayed while the ref inexplicably gave him a ten count.

The official time for the fight was 13 seconds but that just means the ref gave a slow count. I guess he wanted to see a little more action or was simply stunned by what had just occurred, right in front of his eyes. Still, it’s clear as day that this dude ain’t getting up, even if it was a hundred count!

Grimsley’s promising only lasted another five fights after that fateful night. He won two of them, lost two, and drew one but was never the same fighter. Thunder, too, went off the boil after this; he only won three of his last 10 fights but, admittedly, he was in the twilight stages of his career by then.

Still, the Samoan slugger continues to hold the record for the fastest professional knockout and it’s hard to see anyone taking it from him…


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