MUST WATCH: Universal Are Making An Official Conor McGregor Documentary

There are still some people living in the world who haven’t heard of mixed martial arts superstar Conor McGregor. Easily one of the most recognisable faces in combat sports, McGregor has exploded into fame over the last few years, and now is now riding a hype wave so large that he’s managed to talk his way into a boxing super fight with boxing veteran Floyd Mayweather, without ever having boxed professionally before!

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The 29-year-old Irishman has made a habit out of breaking new ground as an athlete, having become the first ever fighter to hold two UFC titles simultaneously.

While other fighters have had films made about their lives, including McGregor’s featherweight rival Jose Aldo, it’s never been with the support of a studio the size of Universal.

A post on Universal’s Facebook page revealed that they would be making the film about McGregor, and it is planned to be called “Conor McGregor: Notorious” with the ominous tagline “If you want it all, you have to fight for it.”

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Universal released the image today along with the caption: “Coming Soon – The official story of the unstoppable rise of Conor McGregor. Happy birthday to the champ!”

We expect the film to likely show McGregor’s victory over featherweight champion Jose Aldo and his first loss inside the octagon to Nate Diaz back in 2016 when he was rocked and then choked out by the Stockton native. McGregor was then able to wind back the clock and win a decision over Diaz in the rematch, before going on to defeat lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez in New York.

It is unknown at this stage whether the film will involve fictional elements, or whether it will all be based on the real life events leading up to McGregor’s meteoric rise to fame. McGregor was born on July 14th, 1988 in Dublin and worked as a plumber before turning his focus to training in mixed martial arts at Straight Blast Gym. He now stands at the forefront of pop culture, ready to take on the world’s most talented defensive boxer in what could be the largest drawing pay per view of all time.

Conor seems to have gotten a sneak peak:

Here is another power move for you to get excited about. Happy Monday.

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The trash talk in the lead up to the bout has been immense. Both sides have inflamed cultural sensitivities, with McGregor telling Mayweather to “Dance for me, boy” and Mayweather calling McGregor a “f*ggot”. We can only guess as to how the film will handle the trash talking game of McGregor.

Check out the film’s poster below and let us know what you think!

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