Las Vegas Gunfights Combines Gun Fighting And MMA

Over the years, we’ve covered some pretty insane emerging sports and games but this one just about takes the biscuit…

Basically, Las Vegas Gunfights is like traditional paintball warfare but with with real guns and when all the ammo is all used up, opponents can engage in real hand-to-hand combat!

That’s the short description. The longer description reveals some of the complexities and intricacies of this fast growing game/sport:

“It’s a way to practice for combat and tactical situations with guns that is much closer to the real world than other training,” owner and creator Nephi Oliva said. “It’s the difference between running on a treadmill and running down a beach in Santa Monica. It’s how your state of mind influences your willingness to accept new information.”

The arena has a sand-covered floor, dim lighting, and obstacles to hide behind. It also has a plexiglass wall so up to 50 people can watch crazy the three-minute matches.

“A lot of the arena is designed to create chaos and disorient the participants,” Oliva said. “We play loud music; we have smoke effects. I fire off the machine gun at random times during the match, and every time I do, the guys duck behind cover, even though they know it isn’t really firing anything. It’s a natural reaction.”

It’s different from traditional paintball due to the facts that it’s a more tactical because the guns are real and have limited ammunition whereas, in paintball, guns near-bottomless capacities allow players to fire a barrage of paintballs indiscriminately.

“Paintballs are less accurate, and they are slower, so you can actually see them coming at you,” Gunfight general manager James Miranda said. “The guns aren’t even fired with the trigger finger like a real gun.

“You still have to manipulate it like a real firearm. It shoots and handles like a gun because it is a gun. They each get four magazines with 10 rounds in each magazine. You have to engage, or you’re going to lose.”

Goddamn, if I lived anywhere near Las Vegas, I’d be down for a round of this!