Brawl Breaks Out Between Rival Groups Of Fans Ahead Of Chris Eubank Fight

Chris Eubank Jr may have produced a brutal display to knock out Avni Yildirim at the super-middleweight World Boxing Super Series in Germany but it was the Turkish fighter’s fans that got things started with a brawl…against each other!

The incident occurred as a preliminary bout was getting underway and two rival groups of Turkish supporters clashed.

Fists, feet and furniture were flying in every direction as the clash, which broke out at ringside, threatened to call a halt to proceedings.

Elements of Eubank’s security were reported to be involved, yet it is still not known what caused the fight to break out in the first place.

There was no sign of any intervention by the official security at the event, even though there had been predictions of trouble from an audience dominated by supporters of Yildirim.

The violence was intense and metal chairs were even used as weapons or projectiles. In the aftermath, blood could be seen pouring from the heads of people involved in the melee while a few fighters were left with broken hands.

Some innocent bystanders – including several women who were dressed to the nines – desperately tried to flee from chaotic battle.

Chaotic scenes at the Eubank-Yildirim fight

Rival fans used whatever they could get their hands on as weapons

Some fans – and bystanders – were left bloodied

There have been suggestions that the brawl was a deliberate ploy to whip up the hostile atmosphere to greet Eubank as made his way to the ring.

If so, it didn’t work: the Englishman came out like a bull in a china shop in the first round of his fight with Yildirim and dropped him to one knee with a right uppercut, forcing the Turk to take a standing eight count.

Yildirim recovered a little in the second round before Eubank lifted in the third and put him away with a hard a flurry of punches that he capped off with with a thundering left hook.

The dude is a certified beast!

This is becoming a common sight…


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