Giant 7ft Boxer Nikolai Valuev Earns Seat in Russian Parliament

Photo: Pravada

Nikolai Valuev has managed to pivot his career once more, moving from the world of professional boxing to a role in the Russian parliament. The two-time WBA heavyweight champion is well known for being the heaviest and tallest heavyweight boxing champion in history, standing at a staggering 2.14 metres and weighing in at 149 kilograms.

He is most famous for his fights with Evander Holyfield in 2008, which he controversially won, and his fight billed as “David vs. Goliath” against David Haye, which he lost on a points decision.

Photo: Pravda

He’s explored advertising roles as well as acting, and even became the general manager for the Russian national bandy team, a hockey-style game that is Russia’s national sport. Valuev also owns a boxing school in St. Petersburg and has an established youth sports foundation to help children of different social backgrounds play sports. Now his attention has turned to politics, and we can’t help but think he will be able to intimidate most people put in front of him. Seriously, look at the difference in the size of his chair to everyone else’s.

Photo: Pravda

Valuev has been a member of Duma via the United Russia Party since December 2011 and is most well known for supporting a law in the Russian parliament that prevents Russian orphans being adopted by United States citizens.

Most people think the above image is photoshopped, until they see this one!

So what’s easier, getting punched in the face, or working as a politician?

Photo: Pravda

“They are both uneasy,” said Valuev, in an interview with the Pravda Report. “Such things come easy for those who treat their work unprofessionally, who work there against their will. If you work like this in politics, you will find yourself on the floor of the ring, like in boxing. It’s hard everywhere, but it’s hard only when you want to achieve something.”

And what does the former heavyweight boxing king think of the recent doping scandals to plague Russia’s Olympic team?

Photo: Pravda

“If we talk about the recent doping scandals, in which Russian athletes were involved, one needs to understand that we are going through a historical period of the global hybrid war, when attacks on sports serve as a part of global attack,” said Valuev. My coach always said to me – you must do everything in the ring so that no one has any doubt in your victory. If you doubt, you lose.”

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