WATCH: Pedophile Exposes Himself to Kids But Is Seen By The Dad

There are very few people in society who deserve a few good punches more than a paedophile.

Inflicting incredible levels of abuse on their victims, paedophiles, rapists, sexual abusers and those who impose awful and lifelong sentences on their prey are high on the list of people who are public enemy number one, and rightly so.

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The video you’re about to see is graphic, to be sure, in terms of the violence inflicted, but it’s likely nothing on the scale of damage inflicted on this man’s victims. Walking along in the carpark of a nearby park, you’ll see the man with his hands down the front of his shorts, which are unbuckled. He’s clearly been walking around with his pants down flashing someone and is struggling to do them up as he approaches a man in a hat, who is filming him with his phone.

Within seconds, the fella with his pants down cops a swift kick to the groin which sends him reeling, with a follow-up punch to the jaw sending the other man’s phone flying as he rains down heavy and vicious punches on the flasher as he falls to the ground, pants down to his ankles.

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“You f*cking having fun now, you c*cksucker,” yells an onlooker.

The man continues to get hit and kicked, all while trying to do his pants up as the onlooker, a woman walks onto the scene. “Pull your f*cking pants up, you sick f*ck,” she yells. “It’s okay, I’ve seen worse at school,” says the camerawoman, referring to the violence that had just gone down. “He came back with his penis hanging out of his pants.”

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The man buckles his pants as the camerawoman says “I guess that doesn’t happen often.”

“Guess not,” says the other woman. “Goddamned perverted f*ck,” she says with finality as they climb into the car. Whether or not there was police action to follow up the man flashing his penis in public is unclear, but what is for certain is that he certainly got off lightly compared to what he’d probably cop in prison. We can only hope a man like that ends up there as soon as possible.


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So, what do you do if a man exposes himself to your kids? Wait for the cops, or let loose like this man did?

Check out the full clip below and let us know what you think:

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