Gym Bro TAUNTS A Guy With Martial Arts Training Who Goes BEAST MODE

This video is the result of what happens when steroids, alcohol, and an inflated sense of one’s fighting abilities all combine inside of one idiot.

Mr Lift is furious at the other guy in this video. Apparently, he insulted the beefcake so revenge must be had but rather than squaring up and fighting, he prefers to just shout threats.

The guy’s friend keeps telling Mr Lift in broken English “No make loud noise bro cos they got security but if you like bang, it’s right here,” as he is pretty sure his friend will kick the gym bunny’s ass.

Eventually, he manages to convince his buddies to let him bang and steps to the dude he has beef with (I’m gonna call him Black Shorts from now on). But before he can get off a single punch, Black Shorts catches him with a fu*king head kick!


Now, this guy clearly ain’t in the best shape of his life but it’s obvious from the execution of that kick that he’s had some training in martial arts.

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As soon as that kick lands, the guy who was telling everyone to keep it down because of the security completely loses his sh*t and starts yelling “Let’s go! Let’s go, you fu*ker!”

It was at this moment he knew he f*cked up!

It was at this moment he knew he f*cked up!

Meanwhile, Mr Lift has somehow ended up in the indoor garden but Black Shorts is on him in a second and delivers a barrage of punches to the dazed dead lifter.

He responds by throwing haymakers but they are so far away from the mark that it looks like he’s fighting The Ghost of Kimbo Slice.


Luckily, his friends step in to save him from taking any more damage as a knockout was surely on the horizon. Perhaps, after this, he might dedicate some time to actually learning how to fight instead of preening his pretty muscles.