Never Before Seen Pics From Ronda Rousey’s Bodypaint Photoshoot Have Been Released

It’s been nearly two weeks since Amanda Nunes destroyed the returning Ronda Rousey at UFC 207 and we still haven’t heard if the former champ plans to retire from the sport of MMA.

In the run up to her comeback fight, Rousey appeared in a Reebok commercial and uttered the line; “Perfect never gets a shot at redemption. So, yeah, I’m fine not being perfect.” We’re not sure if that includes two shots at redemption, however.

Since her devastating loss at the hands of The Lioness, Rousey fans have been waiting for a bit of good news. So here’s some; Sports Illustrated have just released never before seen pics from Rousey’s shoot with them when she wore nothing but body paint!

When Sports Illustrated originally published a body-painted Rousey on their cover, the internet blew up. Here’s a reminder of the original pics (as if you needed one).











Now, the internet is about to blow up again as these new pics are even hotter that the originals. Don’t believe us? See for yourself…



And despite her fearsome reputation, Assistant Managing Editor MJ Day said that she was an absolute pleasure to work with and that in doing so, he began to understand the reason that ‘Rondamania‘ exists.

“This was my first time working with Ronda and I truly did not know what to expect,” Day explained. “I was honestly really nervous going into it. Her public persona is that she’s a fighter. She’s tough and brutal in the ring. Outwardly there’s an assumption that she’s closed off and hard to reach.


“The reality is that once you get to know her, she’s fascinating. She’s mesmerising. And she’s also equally feminine, warm and relatable. After you shoot with her for a day, you realise where the worldwide frenzy comes from. People want to see her and know where she is at all times. It’s ‘Rondamania’ and it’s overtaken the general population. It’s wild to witness, so much so, that I don’t even think she was aware to what lengths people would go to catch a glimpse of her in body paint.”



The former champ may have had a tough time of it inside the Octagon in her last two fights but we hope she gets back in there for some re-redemption soon. Still, if Rousey does choose to call it a day, she will no doubt find something else to do that captures the world’s attention…