Girl Flat Out REFUSES To Leave Party, Gets Absolutely MERKED By Two Girls

What the fu*k is going on with pool parties this year?

We just saw an elderly lady get her head slammed onto the ground before being unceremoniously dumped into a pool and now there’s this sh*t?!

An elderly woman was thrown into a pool for complaining about the noise

I thought they were supposed to be for drinking beer, talking bollocks, and eating the most burnt sausage to prove that you’re the hardest c*nt in attendance but the people in these clips seem to have an entirely different definition of fun.

In this one, a woman in a pink bikini top has apparently been asked to leave a pool party. It’s alleged (although we have no way to verify) that the woman may have been a prostitute.

Girl in question. Credit: World Star Hip Hop

She responds by picking up a glass bottle (that actually turns out to be a plastic bottle) and seconds later, an actual glass one is thrown at her.

The man holding the camera can be heard repeatedly warning her to “Get out! Leave! Just leave! Leave before something bad happens!” But this chick has clearly had a few and she ain’t going anywhere.

Credit: World Star Hip Hop

She yells “Come talk to me! My boyfriend is the president!” Now, it’s unclear whether she was referring to The Donald or not but that statement seems to send one of the women she was beefing with into a blind rage. She screams and attacks the bikini clad lass in unison with her friend.

They punch and kick the living sh*t out of her before a dude enters the shot and sprays her with a fire extinguisher. The vicious beating continues for a while longer while the guy spraying her yells “Wassup n*gga?!”

A lot worse for wear, the chick grabs her bag and phone and looks to make an exit. Not a bad idea, although I’m betting she wishes she’d done so 30 seconds earlier.

Despite how obnoxious she was being, I can’t help but feel sorry for the woman; that was pretty goddamn brutal!