Guy Head Kicks Girlfriend After Finding Our She Cheated On Him With Two Guys

[For those of you who are triggered by this vid and are about to hit the comments section in a frothing rage to leave angry comments, stating that “If the situation was reversed you’d be cheering for the woman!” Let me stop you right there and say NO! NO WE GODDAMN WOULDN’T! We don’t condone unprovoked attacks on anyone, whether they be men, woman, or transgender people. So just chill the fu*k out, OK?]

Ahhh this video is a bit horrible, to be honest. I hope this dickhead gets a taste of his own medicine…

In this clip from Russia, a young woman has been caught cheating by her boyfriend and his friends but instead of breaking up with her and moving on with his life, this assh*le decides that the best way to teach her a lesson is to assault her.

First, he and his buddies try to humiliate the poor girl by making her say “I’m a whore” into the camera. But that’s not enough for this loser so he decides to kick her in the head when she’s not looking.

He’s such a pussy that even though this was an absolute sucker-kick and she didn’t see it coming, he doesn’t even manage to get the KO that he was going for. I wonder how he would go in a fight with someone if he was facing them, front on?

The coward’s route…

Look, I know that what she did was wrong and doing it twice (or with two guys at the same time, the original report didn’t clarify) is super fu*ked up. But that doesn’t give a person the right to kick their partner in the goddamn head. This is 2017, not the middle ages!

Despite being shaken, the young woman ate the shot like a UFC vet

I get it: being cheated on fu*king sucks and the heartache that comes with it can be crushing, especially if you’re in love with the person that crushed it. But that’s no excuse for trying to kick the sh*t out of someone. In my humble opinion, if a person in a relationship strays, they weren’t right for you in the first place and in a weird way, finding out actually does you a favour.

Plus, if you absolutely must get revenge on your cheating spouse, the best thing you can do is live a happy, successful life (getting with a smoking hottie ASAP can help, too, to be fair). But leave the head kicks to MMA fighters or buddies doing ninja sh*t on each other…

He went in for another cheap shot but was stopped by his friend


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