Absolutely Brutal Female-On-Female Street Fight Results In Massive Haematoma

Thanks to smartphones and video-sharing websites such as YouTube, we are living in a golden age of street fights that have been caught on camera and shared around the globe.

As a company, we’ve covered brawls from Thailand to Timbuktu and everywhere in between. We’ve reported on some of the weirdest, saddest, funniest and most wonderful scraps that have ever surfaced online. We’ve also covered the most brutal ones too.

This clip definitely falls into the latter category and what’s more, it involves two women…

It’s unclear what was the cause of this fracas since when the video starts, the pair are way past talking and are right into throwing down. The chick in the grey shorts has a considerable size advantage of the lass in the black shorts and she uses it to her advantage almost immediately.

She holds Black Shorts by the hair (the standard catfight manoeuvre) and peppers her with uppercuts until she goes down. But it’s not ever yet, peeps; Grey Shorts gets into side control and starts to lay down a series of hammer fists.

Eventually, she transitions into full mount and the battering continues. Grey Shorts does her utmost to keep hold of the wrist of her adversary’s punching arm but someone chucks in a sneaking bloody kick to her forearm which causes Grey Shorts to release her grip and allows the beating to continue. And continue. And fu*king continue!

Seriously, where the hell is Dan Miragliotta when you need him; this chick is clearly not intelligently defending herself and there’s a goddamn haematoma on her forehead the size of a cantaloupe!

Eventually, the woman on top gets off her opponent/victim but instead of getting the hell out of there, Black Shorts decides to throw a sneaky punch.

It gives her the advantage for all of five seconds before Grey Shorts flings her to the ground and begins to administer another beating as the video mercifully comes to a close. Holy hell that was brutal!