Bully Wearing “Girls Love My Swag” T-Shirt Gets Absolutely Drilled At Skate Park

This video comes from a skate park, somewhere in the states. At the start of the clip, a local skater kid confronts a bully who had been telling people he was going to kick his ass.

The bully is clearly a lot bigger than his ‘victim’ but we all know that size isn’t everything when it comes to a good ole scrap, particularly if your opponent is wearing a t-shirt that says “Girls Love My Swag” for some goddamn reason.

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The skater kid is more than happy to take the bully on at his own game and it quickly becomes apparent that he can actually fight; bully boy charges forward the kid picks him off with some well directed and well-timed counter lefts. He drops him with his first two punches before dishing out a bit of ground-and-pound.

Let the confrontation begin!

You’d think that the bully would see the light after getting his ass kicked so easily but pride can make stupid people do stupid things. This dude gets back up and goes on the charge again, only to be caught by yet another left.

This time the skater kid clips his downed opponent with one more punch, ensuring he won’t be getting up quite so quickly.

Amazingly, the bully gets back to his feet and contemplates going in for round three but, luckily for him, some of the onlookers convince him that that might not be the best idea, considering what just happened.

Damn, that was such an ass kicking that by the end of it I almost felt sorry for the bully. Almost.

On a side note, keep an eye out for the kid that took a fall at the start of the video; he writhes around in pain and nobody even bothers to check if he’s OK cos there’s a fight going on. Is it weird that I found that strangely hilarious? Probably…