Wild Horse Vs Alligator Go At It In An Animal Kingdom Fight For The Ages

Forget any other superfights being mentioned at the moment; Horse vs Gator is the best one to come along in eons!

In this clip, taken by Krystal Berry at Paynes Prarie Preserve State Park in central Florida, a horse can be seen chilling out and eating a bit of grass but the alligator, lying barely five metres from him, is clearly p*ssing him off.

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After taking a bit of time to think about the best course of action, ole horsie decides to attack from behind. It’s a pretty cheap tactic as the pair hadn’t even touched gloves but horses are known for being a bit hot headed when it comes to inter-species combat.

This is an intriguing matchup; the horse clearly has the better striking out of the pair but the alligator, who is rumoured to have been trained by Jacaré Souza, has the much better ground game. The winner would be whoever could utilise their advantage best…

The horse charges and unleashes a vicious looking stomp that just misses its mark so he goes in for a second one. This time, however, the alligator is wise to it and snaps at the horses leg, making a connection but failing to catch the leg in its chompers.

The horse is having second thoughts about the attack, now, and buggers off back his mates. Obviously, it would be beyond cruel to put these two majestic creatures in some sort of cage in order to battle it out but when it occurs naturally, well, who else out there wanted to see this one go on a little longer?

Still, knowing the world of mixed martial arts, this was all probably one big publicity stunt in order to generate pay-per-view buys for the upcoming superfight. We’ve seen it all before…