WATCH: Raging Bodybuilder Pulls Out Dick And Slaps Judge After Finishing 2nd In Comp

At a recent bodybuilding event in Greece, a professional bodybuilder went into a meltdown and proceeded to knock a respected judge to the floor, overturn tables and pull out his dick.

Giannis Magos won the 100kg division of the international championship but came second in the 2016 IFBB Diamond Cup championship title.

The announcement that he hadn’t won sent the Greek bodybuilder into a (probably roid) rage and in an outrageous outburst that was recorded on camera, Magos confronted Armando Marquez, a well-known judge, and slapped him hard across his face, knocking him to the floor instantly.

“Yesterday I’m winner! Yesterday I winner!” the irate bodybuilder yelled (in Greek) as the crowd looked on. “And today I get beat, how?!? I don’t understand…fu*k off!”

According to eye witness reports, Magos then proceeded to flip over all of the judges’ tables and then pull out his dick in front of the president of the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness, Dr Rafael Santonja.

After footage of the insane reaction went viral, Evolution of Bodybuilding, a leading bodybuilding news site, denounced Magos and said that he should receive the “harshest penalty” for his actions.


“There is no place for the actions that followed in any sport and especially in bodybuilding,” the site said in a statement.

“Armando (Marquez) is a true gentleman to the sport of bodybuilding and is one of the hardest workers in the organisation.

“The competitor that was involved in the incident should get the harshest penalty that the IFBB can give.

“Every competitor should accept any result. If they have a problem, they should consult with the judges or officials afterwards in a professional matter.”

Hold me back brah

What do you guys this should be Magos punishment? Lifetime ban? Three rounds inside the cage with an MMA fighter? Six months without roids so his titties start to sag? Let us know in the comments…


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