NO CHILL!!! Bloody Brawl ERUPTS At NFL Event As Fan’s Nose Gushes

It’s only natural that an idiot wearing a “Keep Calm” shirt would start a fight at an NFL pre season event, right? We’ve got two guys fighting in the stands, culminating in an absolutely brutal amount of blood flowing from the mouth and nose of the guy who started it. This all kicked off at the Nissan Stadium in Tennessee over the weekend during an NFL pre season training session for the Titans. That’s right, it wasn’t even a game, and presumably, these guys were both there to support the Titans, so what the heck are they brawling about?

Photo: Twitter

Something seems to have ticked both of these guys off royally, because within seconds the man in the “Keep Calm” shirt has pushed his opponent by the throat, and been clocked in the mouth, perhaps deservedly so, for his trouble. One witness believes that the whole thing was sparked when the “Keep Calm” man stole the phone of his opponent, a man wearing a brown Batman shirt, who straight away decided to call him out on it.

Batman puts his hand out calmly asking for the phone to be returned, before the “Keep Calm” guy says “I’m gonna kill you,” before pushing Batman hard in the throat. That’s when things really kick into gear, and Batman responds with a heavy right hand straight into “Keep Calm” guy’s jaw. “Hey, stop!” yells an onlooker as Batman falls down across a row of seats. “Keep Calm” guy instantly pounces on his opponent, grabbing Batman in a headlock and delivering some hammer fists to the side of his head.

Photo: Twitter

“Hey, hey!” yells another man as he runs in to stop the barrage from “Keep Calm” guy. He locks up a headlock on the man, and suddenly you can see blood pouring out of the mouth of the most un-calm guy to ever wear that shirt. It’s seriously spraying out of his nose like a hose, and sputtering out of his mouth, all the while Batman is intent on getting off another shot before he’s told to move on. Too bad for him, Batman get’s followed up the aisle and chased by a number of fans who obviously didn’t see how the fight kicked off. The crowd cheers as he’s apprehended and one girl in the background is heard lamenting that “the guy with the bloody nose took his phone.”

Photo: Twitter

Yep, “Keep Calm” guy was in the wrong the whole time we think. This guy seriously has to be one of the most idiotic brawlers in history.

Do you think the guy deserved to get clocked in the mouth for stealing Batman’s phone? Check out the footage of blood pouring out of the mouth and nose of an NFL fan after he initiates the fight in the stands and let us know what you think!